Corporate yoga, commonly referred to as “yoga at work” can do wonders for improving your company’s employee health and wellness program. Bringing yoga to the workplace in the form of corporate yoga classes has been proven to increase productivity, reduce healthcare costs, cut turnover rate and improve overall job satisfaction. Overall, employer provided wellness classes are a tangible way to show appreciation to your staff!

Prices – Corporate Yoga

Our pricing model for corporate yoga and related services is simple. It’s $100/hr for on-site yoga class, chair massage, and/or health talks.

5 Reasons Yoga at Work Makes Sense

Take a moment to think about it – yoga is actually the perfect activity to break up the 9-5 work day. Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Corporate yoga classes can be taught in nearly any room at YOUR location on YOUR schedule
  • Employees can be ready for class in just a few minutes with a quick change of clothes
  • Minimal equipment is needed to start – just pick up a good yoga mat and you’re ready
  • Participants return to work feeling refreshed, not exhausted
  • Best of all – yoga at work is the ultimate stress reliever!

Yoga Biz - Yoga at Work

Corporate Yoga Instructors

At Shamrock Wellness, we have certified instructors available with years of experience teaching yoga to participants of all skill levels – from beginner to advanced. By creating a team atmosphere during our corporate yoga classes and tailoring each class to attendees’ specific needs, we’re able to positively impact your employees’ performance at work and in other aspects of their lives.

As a company, you can empower your staff to feel better about themselves and the work they do by offering a corporate yoga program. Let Shamrock Wellness bring yoga to your workplace when it’s most convenient for you and your employees. Contact us online with any questions about corporate yoga or give us a call at 317-703-4431.