About Us

Shamrock Wellness is a family owned yoga and massage therapy studio in Carmel, Indiana.  Linda, Amy and Eric Banter are excited to have the opportunity to fulfill their vision to integrate the modalities of yoga and massage into medicine. With the help of Amy Banter, MD and Riverview Hospital, this vision is now in motion.

Most recently, Lucy Banter has joined the Shamrock team becoming a certified yoga instructor at just 13 years old!  This makes the age range of our staff now 13-71 years old!  It also means that 3 generations of the Banter family are now actively involved involved in the business.

Whether you are looking to improve the health in your body, the stability in your mind or accelerate your spiritual growth, the ancient art of yoga can take you down any or all of these paths. We offer yoga classes in Carmel, IN seven days a week as we are happy to share the art of yoga with the community.  After just a few sessions, you should reap a multitude of benefits. The goal of yoga is to create body awareness, which usually results in people becoming more mindful, present and aware of their lives and actions.  Many describe this as the “spiritual” aspect of yoga – the basic mindfulness that balance can bring to our lives!

Get to know more about the Shamrock Wellness Team below:

Liza Chilton

Liza Chilton

Hi, I’m Liza. I am a Kentucky girl born and raised. I graduated from Georgetown College, with a degree in psychology and minor in Child Development and Sociology. My husband’s work has relocated us in several states, we are so happy to call Noblesville, Indiana our home for 12 years.

I attended my first yoga class with Eric Banter in 2009. I also began having regular massage therapy, with Linda Banter. Linda and Eric shared their passion of compassion and wellness, and it was contagious. When I attended a yoga class with Eric or received a massage from Linda, you felt like family. I want to share that very same feeling that I felt beginning my yoga journey with my students. I have chronic pain in my lower back, neck, hips, and shoulders and arthritis. I have recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

I have been blessed to discover that yoga and massage are my “prescription” for wellness. I take medications to slow the progress of my disease, but no pain medication. I want to encourage my students to discover their own “prescription” for wellness. I decided to further my yoga journey and completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Shamrock Wellness. My classes are heart centered with a gentle flow to get your heart pumping. Lots of stretches and of course a little bit of country music in the background. I

have been married almost 26 years to my High School sweetheart, Marc. We have a son who is 20, and a daughter who is a sophomore at Noblesville High School. Our Yorkie, Gracie Mae, just recently passed away, she holds a special place in my heart. I am a stay at home Mom. Love nature, gardening my beautiful flowers, decorating, taking walks, love animals, and a passion for Yorkshire terriers. “I Honor the Love, Light, Beauty, Truth and Kindness within You, as it is also within Me”


Eric Banter - Yoga Teacher in Carmel

Eric Banter Co-owner

Eric Banter, owner and yoga instructor at Shamrock Wellness, is a Purdue graduate, engineer, entrepreneur, software developer, experienced yoga instructor and father of three. He began his wellness journey as a child under the direction of his mother. His vision is aligned with her dream to bring wellness into peoples’ lives. He uses his knowledge of working in the corporate world as supervisor, quality management, sales and marketing and as entrepreneur starting a software consulting firm, software company and now wellness center, to help kids, stay-at-home Mom’s and working professionals find well-being amidst the high demands and fast-pace of our American culture. From yoga classes, yoga teacher training, wellness talks, community events to couple’s retreats, Eric enjoys working with his mother and wife Amy, a medical doctor and girlfriend/wife since 1983 to positively impact other peoples’ lives.

Linda Banter

Linda Banter Co-owner

Linda Banter, owner, instructor and lead massage therapist at Shamrock Wellness, began her wellness journey four decades ago in Anderson, Indiana. Back then, as the mother of three active children, Linda found that yoga and healthy eating brought clarity, balance, strength and flexibility to her life. Now a devoted grandmother, Linda has realized her dream of offering the same joy and balance to others. She has witnessed first-hand, both within herself and with others, the transformation and power of living a well life. She now openly shares this knowledge with others.

Dr. Amy Banter

Dr. Amy Banter Partner

Dr. Amy Banter grew up in Lapel, IN and attended IU School of Medicine, completing a Family Medicine Residency at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie. She then worked as an Associate Director of the Family Medicine Residency from 1998 to 2007. While there, she helped implement patient education as well as a complementary and alternative medicine curriculum into the residency. She practiced a broad scope of medicine including delivering babies, teaching and performing OB ultrasounds, performing procedures and caring for all ages as well as participating in multiple research studies. She also taught medical students and lectured to undergraduate students at Ball State University, where she served as Adjunct Professor in the IU School of Medicine and in the Ball State Department of Physiology and Health Sciences.

Her true passion lies in holistic medicine…treating the “whole person” and she and her husband had a longtime dream to establish a wellness center where they could work together sharing their passion to help people find balance, joy and health in life. She currently has a family practice office in Noblesville, where she pursues her interests in wellness, nutrition, and women’s health.

Annie Fellmeth

Annie Fellmeth Yoga Instructor

Annie Fellmeth had been a dancer her whole life before she found her true passion in yoga. Immediately drawn to the physical movement and the flow of Vinyasa, she found a peaceful place to finally feel physically and mentally complete. After her very first yoga class, she knew she wanted to be a certified teacher and she studied yoga at Shamrock Wellness Center under the instruction of Eric Banter and Linda Banter.

Annie is enchanted by the comprehensive nature of yoga. Yoga is for everyone, everyone can practice, and everyone can find a niche to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually. She is excited to teach because she is so grateful for the amazing things yoga has done for her and feels honored to share yoga with other people and help guide them through their own journeys.

Liza Chilton

Liza Chilton Yoga Instructor

Liza is a Kentucky girl through and through. After graduating college, she began a career working with families and children who were at risk of abuse. She has a heart of compassion. She had her second baby and decided to be a stay at home Mom. I am married to my High School/College sweetheart. We have lived in Noblesville for 11 years. We have a son, that attends IU, and a daughter, that is a freshman at Noblesville High School. Our little Yorkie, Gracie Mae is my little buddy, and our cat, Lizzie Mae is a sweetheart.

Liza began taking yoga classes at Linda and Eric Banter’s yoga studio in 2009. She noticed the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Yoga has helped with back, hip, and neck pain. Also, the breath work helps me center and focus on the blessing in her life. Liza also regularly get therapeutic massages with Linda Banter. This has helped so much with my back and hip pain.

Liza completed her 200 hr yoga teacher training in March 2015. I have been teaching yoga since my graduation. My yoga class is very relaxed, and focuses on opening your heart to be humble, compassionate, and loving to yourself and others. Always smile. Smiling makes the world a better place. I want my students to leave with a smile to share with others. Namaste

Teri Russell

Teri Russell Yoga Instructor

Teri views yoga as a journey of understanding the connection to ones true self.  She believes that the yoga practice should fill the body, mind and spirit through work with the breath and movement.
With over 20 years of working with children and teens in an academic setting, She sees the need for yoga in all ages. With 20 years of administration experience She also knows how to work with adults and realizes the challenges, pressure and stress that occur in the work field.
Teri’s yoga classes are challenging, but also fun. She encourages her students to discover more about themselves and teaches them how to be more mindful in their everyday activities.