About Us

Shamrock Wellness is a family owned yoga and massage therapy studio in Carmel, Indiana.  Linda, Amy and Eric Banter are excited to have the opportunity to fulfill their vision to integrate the modalities of yoga and massage into medicine. With the help of Amy Banter, MD and Riverview Hospital, this vision is now in motion.

Most recently, Lucy Banter has joined the Shamrock team becoming a certified yoga instructor at just 13 years old!  This makes the age range of our staff now 13-71 years old!  It also means that 3 generations of the Banter family are now actively involved involved in the business.

Whether you are looking to improve the health in your body, the stability in your mind or accelerate your spiritual growth, the ancient art of yoga can take you down any or all of these paths. We offer yoga classes in Carmel, IN seven days a week as we are happy to share the art of yoga with the community.  After just a few sessions, you should reap a multitude of benefits. The goal of yoga is to create body awareness, which usually results in people becoming more mindful, present and aware of their lives and actions.  Many describe this as the “spiritual” aspect of yoga – the basic mindfulness that balance can bring to our lives!

Get to know more about the Shamrock Wellness Team below:

Carrie Schmidt

Carrie Schmidt 2017 Midsummer Yoga Festival

Carrie Schmidt, founder of Eastside Gypsies, has been doing henna for 15 years & has fallen in love with the exotic & temporary aspect of henna & other natural stains. Henna last about 10-14 days & is perfect for a special occasion or host a henna party.

Tyler Newcomb

Tyler Newcomb

Hello! My name is Tyler and I love to slack almost more than anything. I have been slacklining for 4 years now and would very much enjoy helping and watching you make your way into balance! Besides the slack I enjoy bike riding, juggling, and poi. Can’t wait to meet you awesome people!

Dani Skyy Pic

Dani Skyy 2017 Midsummer Yoga Festival

My name is Dani Skyy, I have been into flow arts for 2.5 years. I play with multiple props but hula hoops are my favorite . I enjoy the creativity, discipline and coordination object manipulation has brought to my life but find the most fulfillment sharing this art with others.

Karen Newton

Karen Newton Event Coordinator

Karen discovered yoga after many years of playing competitive sports, eager to find a balance between the physical and spiritual, yoga emerged and became her passion.  Quickly she sought new ways to deepen her practice and knowledge.

In 2004, she received her 200 teacher training certification from Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago. The Center’s curriculum celebrates the diverse styles of Master teachers from around the world while maintaining firm roots in traditional yoga concepts. Karen’s training at the Center was intense, comprehensive and life affirming; upon completion,  she chose the satisfying path of teaching


Chad Wright 2017 Midsummer Yoga Festival

Chad has always enjoyed being physically intense and interactive.  He spent many years doing boxing and other martial arts, as well as traditional sports.  His career in the healing arts also compliments Chad’s physically expressive nature.

In 2004 Chad began learning to channel that energy in a more graceful way via dance. He has studied many styles of dance. However,  Chad’s greatest passion in dance has been doing partner lifts and combining them smoothly with dance. He did this first with salsa before discovering his love for the broad dance form called theatre arts or ballroom cabaret. Chad is excited to share that passion with his new dance partner, Oksana.


Oksana Kuliyeva 2017 Midsummer Yoga Festival

Practically from the time Oksana uttered her first words, she began her relationship with music by singing.  Her passion for singing continues to this day.  Since the age of 12, Oksana’s love for music expanded into competitive ballroom dance with a focus on International Latin.  Her new career in the healing arts also deepened her understanding of moving with a partner.  Oksana began learning theatre arts in January of 2017, which combines ballroom and other dance styles with lifts, from her new professional partner, Chad Wright.

Oakley Gianakos

Oakley Gianakos 2017 Midsummer Yoga Festival

Oakley is a self taught flow artist, who practices fans and hooping. She picked up a hula hoop three years ago and taught her self hoop dance and flow through videos and by watching other flow artists.

She has taught multiple workshops, given many private lessons as well as performed for shows, events and a few festivals. She loves teaching hoop dance and flow to others, for it is her type of meditation and wants others to find their center through this type of flow.

At this festival, Oakley will have a couple of hoops and will be talking about flow, how hoop dance and yoga are similar in ways (and in moves), as well as be willing to teach others the beginning basics of hoop dance.

Ahna and Friends

Ahna and Friends 2017 Midsummer Yoga Festival

Tracy Stoner

Tracy Stoner 2017 Midsummer Yoga Festival

Tracy (ERYT 200,500) loves people and loves teaching. She took her first yoga class by chance in 2003 and has been at it ever since.

She began teaching in 2008. She has trained in many styles of yoga including ashtanga vinyasa, hot and power yoga. She believes the best teachers are students themselves and she continues learning with her own practice and through workshops and trainings.

She enjoys travel, adventure, nature and animals. She is mother to two young men, sister and daughter. Her classes are lighthearted, challenging and fun emphasizing spirit, deep peace and exploration. Yoga is a journey and not a destination. Being mindful keeps us present, and there is no time like the present. It is her sincere hope that through teaching, yoga she can enrich the lives of others and share the light.

Kimberly Hart

Kimberly Hart 2017 Midsummer Yoga Festival

Kimberly discovered Yoga in 2010.  In January 2015, she journeyed to Los Angeles to complete her teacher training through Yoga Works.

She teaches at Lifetime Fitness and Carmel Monon Community Center.  She enjoys teaching many styles with emphasis on form and honoring your body.

She instantly fell in love with Acro Yoga at her first workshop March 2015. Since then, she has performed at many local festivals and charity events, including Monumental Yoga.   She has also taught and performed at various workshops, venues and locations around the country.

A yogi and social worker at heart, Kimberly is able to serve others by utilizing her event planning skills as a Mighty Lotus Board Member and member of the Planning Committee for Monumental Yoga.

Kimberly has been featured in Indy Yogi publication, Indy Star and performed on Fox 59 News.

As a child, she advised others to “Follow your dreams wherever they may lead you!”  Now, she is following hers through her work and play which overlap.