About Us

Shamrock Wellness is a family owned yoga and massage therapy studio in Carmel, Indiana.  Linda, Amy and Eric Banter are excited to have the opportunity to fulfill their vision to integrate the modalities of yoga and massage into medicine. With the help of Amy Banter, MD and Riverview Hospital, this vision is now in motion.

Whether you are looking to improve the health in your body, the stability in your mind or accelerate your spiritual growth, the ancient art of yoga can take you down any or all of these paths. We offer yoga classes in Carmel, IN seven days a week as we are happy to share the art of yoga with the community.  After just a few sessions, you should reap a multitude of benefits. The goal of yoga is to create body awareness, which usually results in people becoming more mindful, present and aware of their lives and actions.  Many describe this as the “spiritual” aspect of yoga – the basic mindfulness that balance can bring to our lives!

Get to know more about the Shamrock Wellness Team below:

Teri Russell

Teri Russell

Teri views yoga as a journey of understanding the connection to ones true self.  She believes that the yoga practice should fill the body, mind and spirit through work with the breath and movement.
With over 20 years of working with children and teens in an academic setting, She sees the need for yoga in all ages. With 20 years of administration experience She also knows how to work with adults and realizes the challenges, pressure and stress that occur in the work field.
Teri’s yoga classes are challenging, but also fun. She encourages her students to discover more about themselves and teaches them how to be more mindful in their everyday activities.
Mimi Dora

Mimi Dora

Mimi participated in the first 200 hr. YTT with the Linda & Eric Banter in 2011.  Linda & Eric offered a deep philosophy of yoga, technical asana & pranayama focus, rolled into a heart-centered, compassionate yoga practice. Mimi has recognized the more she practices yoga as service to others, the greater the capacity to open her own heart to live in the full and present moment.
Mimi’s passion is sharing the benefits of Restorative Yoga to help others tap into the balance and peace within themselves. Gentle, supported poses (blankets, bolsters, blocks) and breathing techniques are incorporated into the yoga practice to calm the mind and open the heart to reside in a place balance and wellness.
Mimi trained with Judith Lasater Hanson in 2015 in Restorative Yoga at Kripalu. She is presently working towards becoming a registered Restorative Yoga teacher.
Eric Banter

Eric Banter Co-owner

Eric Banter, owner and yoga instructor at Shamrock Wellness, is a Purdue graduate, engineer, entrepreneur, software developer, experienced yoga instructor and father of three. He began his wellness journey as a child under the direction of his mother. His vision is aligned with her dream to bring wellness into peoples’ lives. He uses his knowledge of working in the corporate world as supervisor, quality management, sales and marketing and as entrepreneur starting a software consulting firm, software company and now wellness center, to help kids, stay-at-home Mom’s and working professionals find well-being amidst the high demands and fast-pace of our American culture. From yoga classes, yoga teacher training, wellness talks, community events to couple’s retreats, Eric enjoys working with his mother and wife Amy, a medical doctor and girlfriend/wife since 1983 to positively impact other peoples’ lives.

Linda Banter

Linda Banter Co-owner

Linda Banter, owner, instructor and lead massage therapist at Shamrock Wellness, began her wellness journey four decades ago in Anderson, Indiana. Back then, as the mother of three active children, Linda found that yoga and healthy eating brought clarity, balance, strength and flexibility to her life. Now a devoted grandmother, Linda has realized her dream of offering the same joy and balance to others. She has witnessed first-hand, both within herself and with others, the transformation and power of living a well life. She now openly shares this knowledge with others.